The Guitars not Guns Music Program

Our focus


Many of our students are the victims of abuse or neglect. We provide a safe environment where kids can feel safe, secure, and valued.


Our students walk away from our class with the knowledge that they can accomplish challenging goals with some commitment and dedication.


Our class helps to fuel the creativity of our students allowing them to express their emotions in a positive and constructive way.


Yes, we teach guitar. But more than that we commit to be dependable, engaged, authentic, and tuned into the needs of our students.

We provide free guitars and lessons to foster kids, at-risk youth, and other deserving children in an effort to deter them from the destructive influences of drugs, alcohol, and violence.

Our Goal

One child.
One guitar.
One miracle.

Our goal is to help stop violence in schools and on the streets by providing a music program for at-risk teens and other deserving children. We want to divert as many children as possible from the self-destructive influences of drugs, alcohol, and crime connected to gang activity.

By providing children and teens with guitars and lessons, we hope to engage their creative potential and provide a positive outlet for negative emotions.

  • $100 to change a life

    $100 will give one child a guitar pack and up to 24 weeks of lessons.

  • 15 Years of progress

    GNG celebrates its 15th anniversary on June 27th, 2015!

  • Thousands of kids served

    GNG has many chapters throughout the U.S. that have helped thousands of underserved kids.



Guitars not Guns is NOT anti-gun.
We are anti gun violence and pro music.
We operate solely on volunteers--no paid staff.

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Our Team

Ryan Countrymen
Founder & President
While he was neither a foster child nor an at-risk youth, Ryan experienced first hand how music helped him cope with the challenges of childhood and early adulthood and knows that music and the guitar can be a positive influence on the lives of other kids.
Melinda Frankel
Vice President
An avid volunteer, Melinda has spent countless hours working for causes she believes in. She developed an appreciation of music through her parents and spent her youth playing in concert and marching bands. Being a member of the band helped foster teamwork and discipline and helped build lifelong friendships.
Faydra Romero
Faydra was born and raised in Arizona. She was strongly influenced by the arts as a child when she was introduced to dance and musical theater. Faydra understands how exposure to the arts can help develop self esteem and can be a positive outlet for children.
Pablo Rodriguez
Community Relations
Pablo has a passion for raising others up and has served in numerous high visibility community-centric roles over the years. In addition to personally experiencing how the power of music and the arts has played in his own life, he has also seen the impact of role models and mentors in helping kids reach their potential.
Tammie Evans
Board Member
Passionate about supporting causes she believes in, Tammie feels that being part of a community requires personal involvement to make it better. Raised by her aunt as a young child, Tammie knows first-hand how having a creative outlet to explore feelings and work through issues that many foster children face can help them to grow emotionally.